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Yoga 101 Foundations

This dynamic basic class is designed for students with no previous experience or those wishing to revisit the basics of Yoga. Students are taught to connect basic breath control, then internal awareness to physical movement. Learn the 12 + basic postures which build sun salutation, and experience  an introduction to meditation. All taught in a safe, comfortable enviroment. 

Yoga Recovery (a meeting in motion)

This class is based on twelve sets for twelve steps, consists of three different segments: cardio movement to increase heart rate and respiration, power postures to compress tissue and remove toxins and gentle flow to stretch and open energy channels. Each segment is themed with one of the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, allowing students to work on and practive the twelve steps. This all levels class is suitable for anyone in recovery, early and long term.

Hatha / Hatha Basics

This foundation style of yoga is the source of most modern yoga. Physical posture are taught with a focus on alignment and breath while entering, holding, and leaving the posture. Breathing and meditation techniques may also be taught depending on the teacher or particular class focus. Hatha Yoga is an excellent style for students who appreciate longer holds in individual postures and prefer a slower and more meditative approach to their practive.

Hatha Tone / Belly-Be-Strong

Enjoy a healthy mind in a trim body! Using hatha postures and body weight training principles, this class will get your heart rate up, your bodyweight down, and your confidence and jou soaring. Visualizations and positive reinforcement techniques will help you stick with your goals and get more out of each session. Students of all fitness levels will benefit from this class. Bring water and a towel.

Hatha Flow

Hatha flow is open to all levels of experience but will offer a challenge. There is focus on breath connected to movement, and meditation. The intention of this class is to be able to express yourself in the practice of yoga and to be comfortable showing up just exactly as you are. It is perfect!

Hatha Gong

Hatha yoga postures are taught with the vibrations generated by the gong. This combination of posture and vibration enhances the meditative and transformational quality of the class. Hatha Gong™ is a beautiful practive that will help all students find an additional – and perhaps previously unexplored – layer in their conventional practice of postures. 

Qi Gong

Come learn Qi Gong, a sister practice to Tai Chi. This practice is built on the practice of gentle movement, breathing and sound, this practive helps to move your energy towards a healthier and more balanced you. The medically ailed, less mobile, or injured are welcome to join, as this practice is literally for any BODY!

Strength & Stability

This class explores an individuals inner strenght and ability to feel powerful in any posture in the knowledge that what we experience on the mat directly correlates to our approach to experiences in life and of ourselves. We will hold some poses, flow in others, work our edge and integrate. You may have a little fun while you sweat, laugh and find peace in presence. 

Three Questions YIN

Experience your capacity to work with and influence the energy within and sorrounding you. Miridian Energy Arts guides the student through yoga and qi gong-based movements to harness our ability to fully open to the world. Sequences are designed to awakened Qi, balance miridians, and increase command of our energy. This is an active flow class, but is accessible to students of all levels of ability. 

Vinyasa All Levels

Hatha yoga postures are taught so that each pose links to the previous pose, creating a continous “flow” of movement. Breathing and meditations techniques in addition to longer holds in a pose may also be taught depending on the teacher or the particular class focus. Vinyasa is excellent for students who find that movement helps create a state of physical exertion and mental concentration leading to deep relaxation and steadiness after class. 


YIN classes focus on longer, deep holds that are static in nature (the pose and gravity creates most of the stretch). This opens, strengthens and builds the soft tissue and bone and is meditative in nature. If you are healing from an injury, restortive may be a better choice. 

Yin / Yang Flow

Flow through a moving meditation and pause for momenets of stillness, for balanced and integrated practice that invites you to become more comfortable in your own body. Suitable for all levels, this class targets the spine, hips and shoulders with a combination of dynamic movement (yang) and deep stretch (yin) to build strength, improve mobility, and promote joint health.


Yo-Barre is a balanced combination of yoga and barre fitness that combines the best elements of ballet, yoga, pilates, and functional strength training. This empowering class is for anyone, at any level, ready to build strength, flexibility, and endurance while having FUN! Yo-Barre honors elements of yoga including breath, mindfullness, philosophy, and intention while also utilizing the conditioning techniques of the national-recognized Barre & Beyond™ program.

Belly Dancing for Hip Openers

Open up those hips, gain body confidence, tone your core, improve flexibility and much more with our belly dancing for hip openers class. You don’t need any previous belly dancing experience!  Have fun and discover muscles you never knew you had!

Pranayama Breath Work, Sound Healing 

Empower, Heal, and Transform in this unmatched class. We will use pranayama breath, sound healing techniques and mediation to transform our mind, body and spirit.

Power Yoga with Gaby Gutierrez

Power Yoga (also known as “gym yoga”) is a vinyasa-style of yoga where we emphasize strength and flexibility. It bring many benefits such as: Stamina, Flexibility, posture and mental focus and because of its intensity you can expect to burn many calories once you are done with this vigorous class.


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